it is 2014! yes, it is a brand new year. another page in the book of years has been flipped. so as a part of my new year’s resolution, i made this blog. i really wanted to have a blog. i created some in different sites but, well, i failed to maintain them, just a few posts and ta-da! i am gone. (how long would it take me and how many posts could i published before i also ditch WordPress? lol) i am really hoping that this time i will keep this one. ah! how i love the idea of me writing. yes! i love to write but i am often hindered by my 1.) inability to pour my thoughts out into one crystal lake of ideas, they always seemed to be like puddles scattered in streets (and who would love to read that?) and 2.) laziness, yeah, laziness – probably the most believable but invalid reason. it is really my dream to be a writer and like what they said, the key to be a good writer is to write and write and write. so i am hoping that by keeping this blog, it would hone my writing skills and would pave my way into the land of writing. wishing myself a happy blogging! x


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