a traveler’s guide

If you ever visit her world
bring a map or a compass
because you might get lost
in the vastness of her dreams.
Please don’t bring scissors or knife
you could get tempted
to cut the webs of her imagination
once you are tangled to it.
You don’t need to bring coats or match
the burning fire in her soul is enough to keep you warm.
Wear hiking shoes
so you could climb
the mountains of her thoughts.
If not, you can just stay on the bottom
but be prepared for landslides.
If you happen to land
into a universe of open space
don’t panic that’s just her mind.
Always be ready with your sunglasses
if you don’t want to be blinded
by the light coming from her eyes.
But sometimes, those eyes
also bring rain
so, better have an umbrella.
At the end of the journey,
if she opens it for you,
you will be lucky if you see
a place shaped like two joined ears.
It is overflowing with love
whole and beautiful,
never been broken,
always open,
but guarded.
And this is where the guide ends
for I can no longer tell
how to get and stay in there.


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