please, do not show me the brands of your expensive dresses,

no, i am not interested to learn the different scents of your signature fragrances,

nor i am attracted with that piece of glittering silver around your neck.

instead, just show me the outlines of your scars,

describe me the difference of the tastes of your tears when you cry lying in bed at night, or when you take the morning shower,

allow me to look at the collection of your thoughts when it’s 1am or 3am,

let me hear about your hopes and dreams, heartaches and frustrations,

tell me all these precious things

and let my soul admire you.


Why Novels Doom Me For Romance

i know, i know

Thought Catalog

The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby

I read a lot of books – I don’t limit myself to any genre either. Recently, I’ve been going through a lot of the classics. And the more I read these books and become infatuated with the characters and their relationships and courtships, the more I feel doomed. My future boyfriend, whoever that may be, is set up for inevitable failure. Because he will never compare to Levin in Anna Karenina, or Jay in The Great Gatsby, or Florentino in Love in the Time of Cholera, or Noah in The Notebook (I never actually read Nicholas Sparks but you get the point). And before all these ladies start going crazy, I consider myself a feminist. I’m absolutely not saying that I need a man to make me happy, or to take care of me. A man will never call the shots in my life…

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49 Signs You’re Addicted To Reading

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Thought Catalog

Flickr - emilyonacloudFlickr – emilyonacloud

1. Books > people is your general outlook on life. People are cool but reading is your preferred social activity.

2. You know what a book hangover is and you have them frequently.

3. You plan whole afternoons around browsing bookstores.

4. If you go too long without buying or reading a book you feel a huge sense of withdrawal and are thinking of the next time you can get away to a bookstore or library.

5. You have trouble functioning at work or school sometimes because you stayed up late reading.

6. You’re constantly sharing your favorite book quotes on social media and have either a Pinterest board or Tumblr dedicated to these quotes.

7. You’re always looking forward to the weekend but mostly because you can’t wait to get 2 whole days for unadulterated alone time with a new book.

8. You carry a book…

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i am tired of waiting

i am tired

of waiting

but i don’t know

which part of me is tired

maybe my eyes

for seeing, searching, seeking

for yours

those hopeful happy eyes

slowly turning into

a scared sad eyes

maybe my mind

for thinking, imagining, dreaming

about you every time

those romantic moments,

sweet scenes and thoughtful words

formulated inside my head

are becoming more

and more practical

maybe my hands

for writing, scraping poems

written about and for you

those promising poetic verses

i cannot complete anymore…

or is it my heart that is tired?

but my heart have not loved yet

how come it is tired?

and loving is never tiring

so as long as i have love in my heart

the love i have saved and protected

i will wait for you

or rather

it is not me who will wait

for many parts of me get tired

but my love

my love will wait for you

for my love will never get tired.










I want to travel away and get lost. And someday, I won’t be needing anybody’s approval anymore. I would teach, for it is the profession I tied myself into. I would earn a lot of money, spending it all on travelling. In the middle of the night, I would elope with my dreams for they have always been my sweetheart. Then, I would be like, ta-da! I would evaporate like bubbles in the air. You would find me: holding sparkles in Times Square in New Year’s Eve, parading in Disneyland, sleeping under Eiffel Tower for I don’t have money to pay for a hotel, aboard on a train in London holding a vintage suitcase, sipping coffee in Ireland during rainy days, walking slowly in the square of Athens feeling like Socrates, running away with gypsies in Scandinavia, learning Spanish poetry in Spain, singing operatic songs in Italy while in Gondola, praying in Vatican, drinking wine in Chile like a rich noveau, going along a caravan in Arabia, hugging Lions in Africa, counting the pyramids of Egypt, eating cherry blossoms in Japan, clubbing in Korea, riding elephants in Thailand, picking up seashells in the seashores of Maldives. And while travelling, I might have been the jack of all trades, any work would be just fine, like being a cashier in a grocery, ice-scream vendor, flower deliverer, mascot, mailwoman, saleslady, and a poet. I would run wild, dance in the rain, roll in the hills, sing at the top of my lungs, kick and punch the wind, smell the wild flowers and bathe in the sun. I would be totally lost, literally and figuratively. I would be the lost traveler, the unfound dreamer. And I would never ever come back. Unless, of course, there would be a man, who could find me, tame me with love and bring me home.  

a traveler’s guide

If you ever visit her world
bring a map or a compass
because you might get lost
in the vastness of her dreams.
Please don’t bring scissors or knife
you could get tempted
to cut the webs of her imagination
once you are tangled to it.
You don’t need to bring coats or match
the burning fire in her soul is enough to keep you warm.
Wear hiking shoes
so you could climb
the mountains of her thoughts.
If not, you can just stay on the bottom
but be prepared for landslides.
If you happen to land
into a universe of open space
don’t panic that’s just her mind.
Always be ready with your sunglasses
if you don’t want to be blinded
by the light coming from her eyes.
But sometimes, those eyes
also bring rain
so, better have an umbrella.
At the end of the journey,
if she opens it for you,
you will be lucky if you see
a place shaped like two joined ears.
It is overflowing with love
whole and beautiful,
never been broken,
always open,
but guarded.
And this is where the guide ends
for I can no longer tell
how to get and stay in there.


it is 2014! yes, it is a brand new year. another page in the book of years has been flipped. so as a part of my new year’s resolution, i made this blog. i really wanted to have a blog. i created some in different sites but, well, i failed to maintain them, just a few posts and ta-da! i am gone. (how long would it take me and how many posts could i published before i also ditch WordPress? lol) i am really hoping that this time i will keep this one. ah! how i love the idea of me writing. yes! i love to write but i am often hindered by my 1.) inability to pour my thoughts out into one crystal lake of ideas, they always seemed to be like puddles scattered in streets (and who would love to read that?) and 2.) laziness, yeah, laziness – probably the most believable but invalid reason. it is really my dream to be a writer and like what they said, the key to be a good writer is to write and write and write. so i am hoping that by keeping this blog, it would hone my writing skills and would pave my way into the land of writing. wishing myself a happy blogging! x